Customer Success and Reimagining the Modern Workplace

Author: Corinne Goldberg, Customer Success Manager at Slack

There is a large opportunity for organizations to re-think the modern workplace as the global economy continues on the road to recovery from the pandemic. Jared Orr and I sat down to discuss some of the trends and transformations we have seen to the workplace over the past year, and the role of the Customer Success organization in shaping the future of work. Here are some of our observations.

Operationalizing Remote Work     

In 2020, leaders were grappling with the unprecedented operational feat of standing up remote environments for their employees as quickly and effectively as possible. Empowering teams with hardware, secure network access, and adequate licenses for collaboration tools such as Zoom and Slack were top of mind for IT leaders. 

Providing employees with the tools they needed to remain productive and engaged at home was a necessity to protect continuity of service, mitigate risk, and maintain any semblance of business as usual for customers. 

As organizations move into a new steady state and operate a fully remote or hybrid workforce in the year ahead, new concepts will be trialed, and experimentation will be rampant. It will be fascinating to watch how the modern workplace evolves not only inside the companies where we work, but also at our customers. 

Customer Success at the Center 

Customer Success should be at the center of the dialogue as companies reimagine the future of work. This is especially true for customer-centric organizations. We recently spoke with Sarah Bierenbaum (Founder of Sarah B Consulting), and she mentioned that more and more companies are realizing how important it is to invest in their current customers. Focusing their attention on a quality Customer Success team to ensure a high LTV for each customer is one of the greatest investments organizations can focus on in the year ahead. 2020 taught more businesses than ever this important lesson. 

From a customer perspective, Customer Success teams are intimately aware of how the workplace is changing at our customers, and how we should adapt our engagement model and our product over the longer term to meet their evolving needs. As our own organizations future proof their workforce model, understanding the tools and processes required to continue to serve our customers effectively will be even more important as we adapt to a new normal. 

These are some considerations we should bear in mind as we think about how our customers will adapt to the modern workplace: 

  1. How have our customers adapted their workforce to new ways of working, and how is their leadership team thinking about the future of work at their company? Understanding their roadmap will help us be more thoughtful in the pursuit of success motions that are in line with their broader business changes, helping them realize greater value from their technology stack.  
  1. How will their engagement model with their suppliers, vendors, and customers change? Companies are interacting with their networks in different ways, and we can all probably agree that email alone is on the way out. Understanding how our customers engage with their customers and business partners will help us continue to develop meaningful relationships across different stakeholder groups as their business evolves. 
  1. Mindshare can be a scarce commodity as companies move remote. Are we being purposeful and intentional when engaging customers? Business reviews on-site used to be the norm and a valuable channel to both gather intel about customers, understand where we might be excelling and falling short, and get to know them personally. Thinking about alternatives we can employ that cater to a remote context will be vital to mutual success.   

Understanding how the modern workspace will evolve, and how our customers are adapting to a new normal will make us more effective and impactful strategic advisors, better customer advocates, and stronger partners to more meaningfully influence the product roadmap so that it considers the evolving needs of our customers as they adapt to their new workplace environments. 

How are your customers thinking about their workplace in the weeks and months ahead, and what has been top of mind for your Customer Success organization to meet the evolving needs of our customers in today’s business climate? How has your team been influential in shaping your organization’s approach to work?

About The Author

Corinne Goldberg is a Customer Success Manager at Slack. She’s fascinated by how organizations use technology to collaborate, automate, scale, and the Future of Work. Being a front-line CSM at a company that is reimaging the future of work, she gets first-hand experience and knowledge everyday on how companies are innovating and adapting to current work trends.


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