The Customer Success Pioneer By Kellie Lucas

Kellie is a mentor of mine so I would be remiss if I did not include this great book first. Kellie dives into great detail about what it truly means to be a CS Pioneer by explaining the DIME cycle (Design, Implement, Measure, Evolve). This book is all about creating a successful CS org or CS career from the ground up. This is a must-read for anyone (company or individual) new to the industry.

The Customer Success Professionals Handbook By Ruben Rabago & Ashvin Vaidyanathan

If you want to know exactly why CS is a fulfilling career path and how to make an immediate impact, look no further than this book. This handbook needs to be on the bookshelf of anyone who is involved in Customer Success. It breaks down the day to day duties of every CSM, how to building long-lasting relationships with your clients, and everything you need to do to be a successful and impactful CSM. It also dives deep into why CS is important and why organizations need a CSM team to succeed.

The Customer Success Economy By Nick Mehta & Allison Pickens

While The Customer Success Professionals Handbook focuses on individual CSM’s, this book is all about implementing Customer Success in your organization. If I could sum up what I learned from this book in one sentence, it would be this: Customer Success, when done right, isn’t just a department, it’s a company mindset. The Customer Success Economy is all about implementing a customer-centric mindset within your organization so all internal teams can focus on customer success and customer outcomes together.

The Effortless Experience By Matthew Dixon

This was one of my favorite books to read/listen to. Matthew Dixon gives practical tips on how to create an incredible experience for your customers. The trick? Make it as low-effort as possible for them. The easier it is to use your product, the better the customer experience will be. Customer Success and Customer Experience go hand-in-hand. Focusing on the CX you and your product provides will help with the long-term success of your customers.

The Outcome Generation By Paul Henderson

Recurring revenue and subscription-based services are taking over the SaaS and technology world. Paul Henderson is a leader in creating practical processes and programs. In this book, he outlines what it takes for tech and software vendors to rise above their competition and consistently deliver client-focused outcomes. Spoiler alert: Customer Success is a big part of it.

The Startup’s Guide to Customer Success By Jennifer Chiang

Customer Success is not just for large corporations that have lots of loyal customers. The sooner your organization can implement a Customer Success strategy, the better. Jennifer Chiang is a leader in helping startups develop a vision for their current and future customers by making CS a priority from the very beginning. She breaks it all down in this book which should be on the bookshelf of every entrepreneur.

Digital Leader By Erik Qualman

While this book isn’t about Customer Success, it’s a book that inspired me to be more proactive with my career goals and aspirations. The reason I have it on this list is because it’s the perfect book for anyone who is starting out in their career or wants to take their career to the next level (CS or not). Erik Qualman explains how to become a leader in todays digital world through the STAMP process. Highly recommend!

The Fred Factor By Mark Sanborn

This was the first business-related book I ever read. It’s a very easy read. Mark Sandborn talks about his experience with his neighborhood postman, Fred. Fred would constantly go out of his way to ensure that everyone he delivered mail to was having a great day. To put it simply, Fred made an ordinary job an extortionary experience for everyone he came in contact with. We all have the power to make a difference no matter what our job is. This book inspired me to always be looking for opportunities to make a difference whether it’s at my job or during daily life.

Consultative Selling By Mack Hanan

One of the most underrated skills for CSM’s is the ability to sell. While we aren’t pounding the phones making cold calls everyday and trying to close new business, selling is still a critical part of our day to day duties. Selling value and renewals takes more of a consultative approach. This book gives great tips and best practices on how to take this approach with your clients.