Demand Generation: Through The Lens of Customer Success

It’s no question that demand generation falls under the responsibility of marketing. As opposed to lead generation, generating demand for your product or service is an ongoing process.

The work isn’t done when a new client signs on with you.

Megan Bowen is the Chief Customer Officer at Refine Labs and one of the co-hosts in the State of Demand Gen Podcast. In their episode entitled “Creating Demand with Momentum” she listed off three things every CSM should be doing for their clients.

  1. Helping their clients have a great experience using their product or service
  2. Helping their clients achieve their desired outcomes
  3. Building an authentic relationship with their clients

Listen to the full episode here:

It’s through this, that CSM’s can help generate more demand for their products. This can be done in two ways. 

  1. The likelihood of cross-sell and up-sell opportunities will increase 
  2. The client will be more willing to write a positive review or give a testimonial

When you have multiple products, and are hoping to generate some up-sell or cross-sell opportunities, you should be laser focused on delivering a great experience for your clients with the products they are currently using. Why would they want to sign on for another product when the current one they are using isn’t delivering on their desired outcomes or they’re having a negative experience with your company?

It’s imperative that you, as the CSM, are consistently driving value for the current products your clients are using. This panel discussion on CSM Practice dives deeper into this. Check it out here:

And regarding the second point, when happy clients are writing your company good reviews and providing testimonials, this will only increase demand for your products and services for future clients.

Pretty simple, eh? Let’s bring this all (and by “all” I mean everything said in this short article) together.

Generating demand for your product or service doesn’t end when a client signs on. When done the right way, it’s an essential part of the customer’s overall journey. Customer Success, when done right, will continue generating ongoing demand for the company’s product or service.

So to the current or future Customer Success Manager reading this, be proactive. Talk with your marketing and sales teams to ensure you are on the same page about generating demand for future up-sells and cross-sells.