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My original purpose for creating this site was to get my ideas in the public eye so I could collaborate with other like-minded professionals. The two groups of people I enjoy talking with the most are CSM’s just starting their career and SaaS Entrepreneurs.

Early Career Mentoring

Trying to get your first gig in CS? Already got your first gig and are wanting to know how to make an early impact? Feel free to connect and allow me to share my insights. We can meet monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly for how ever long you want. Send me an email or message on LinkedIn. Talk soon!

Creating a Customer Journey for Startups

Creating a long-term vision for your customers is something I see that is lacking amongst software startups. Creating long-term success and a quality experience for your customers all starts by creating a Customer Journey Map.

A Journey Map is built off, what I call, the Four Pillars: Onboarding, Implementation, Adoption, and Optimize & Grow. This is something that every SaaS startup needs in order to retain and optimize their client base.

I speak one on one with software entrepreneurs about this very solution and am looking forward to connecting with you!

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